$9.2 Billion

That’s the size of the problem European car manufacturers are facing right now

That's approximately 42% of the companies' combined net profit!

Paid in fines, when not meeting the CO2 emission goals

The fines are so high that if we can’t find a solution, it could even destroy our company

This is what a high-ranking manager said about possible consequences.  In fact, according to the latest annual reports from the automotive industry, the total amount of penalties could eat up almost half of car manufacturer's combined net profits.

Main Solution today?

Compensation payments by buying carbon credits, due to the fact that most customers still buy cars with combustion engines instead of opting for  e-mobility.

our approach

We might have a better solution for this

Instaride Roadmap

Instaride has been a start-up in stealth mode for the last 4 years. It is funded by the German government, initiated by one of the leading German innovation agencies and developed in collaboration with the University of Oldenburg. We have already achieved breakthrough results and are looking for valid partners to bring the solution to market and scale it very soon.

Who are the architects behind Instaride?

The architect behind Instaride, Granny & Smith, is one of the leading innovation developers in Germany, with customers like Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW. As of today, seven out of nine of the most innovative german companies* work, or worked with Granny&Smith.

In the mobility industry, Granny&Smith supported the founding process of MOIA for the VolkswagenGroup, digitized the car experience for BMW, worked on autonomous driving projects with AUDI and many more.

Granny&Smith now decided to develop its own solution: A breakthrough shared-mobility service addressing the needs of customers as well as the industry.


Instaride, the first startup helping to reduce CO2 penalties & answering new mobility needs in one strike

Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?